Screen shot of the famous blue screen of death from all the old windows computers

Back in the early 2000’s a damaging virus was floating around on electronic mail. A warning about it said that none of the main virus detection programs could detect it. But at the same time the reader was told he or she could easily find and eliminate the virus by searching for a specific file. Virtually everyone could find this “infected” file because it is on most Microsoft Windows based machines. It was SUPPOSED to be there, and it wasn’t a virus! Many people fouled up their own machines with the bogus information.


This ingenious “virus” was a hoax that got the reader to delete one of his own files. This is an age-old scam used by con artists to make people WANT to give up their money or take unusual risks. From simple leading ads to click-bait, we find ourselves tempted most everyday.

An old method

Satan makes use of the same technique. At Eve’s temptation in the garden, the serpent talked her into wanting to do what she knew was wrong. He tried the same mind game with Jesus in the wilderness temptation. Satan will try to get you to believe a lie so that you will self-destruct.

Paul wrote, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” (Eph. 6:11) We have to be on guard against Satan’s deceptions. He loves to see us hurt ourselves. You need to appropriate the armor of God.


If you know and study the Truth (the Scriptures), and Satan’s wily ways, it will be a lot harder for him to take advantage of you.

The Circuit ‘Riter, Michael Ullrich

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