Blue read and yellow stain glass star church window

I had just purchased coffee in a covered Styrofoam cup and crawled back behind the steering wheel in our van. Not planning ahead well, I started on the next leg of our trip only to realize that I hadn’t transferred the hot drink to my insulated metal road cup. So, I asked my wife to pour it from one cup to another for me as I drove back towards the interstate. Really believe? She somewhat gingerly held the flimsy store cup and pouring process out over the floor. I commented that the lid would stay on just fine and she could pour more aggressively if she liked. With that in mind, she reached over to do the transfer over MY[…]

Kittrege Community Bible church

Once there was a family torn by a bitter divorce. All that held common interest for the divorced parents was their little girl. One day she was playing in the street and was hit by a vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital and her parents came to her bedside. What Really Mattered The doctors told the estranged couple nothing more could be done for her. Apart from a miracle, she would not survive. As they stood hovering near, her eyes popped open and she looked from father to mother standing on opposite sides of the bed. With all of her remaining strength, she reached for the hands of both and brought them together across her body. God’s Reconciliation Remedy[…]