Buffalo shedding in the spring.

It’s here! Every place you go there are people sniffing and snuffling because the cold and flu season is upon us. The virus that causes this malady is moving around in our house, making person after person miserable.

Spreading the Sickness

We avoid the kind of contact that is sure to pass the “bug” along, but it seems to make its way through the very air that we breath. Some recent research has lead scientists to believe that the virus just keeps reattaching in our sinuses and throat, and the more of the viruses we have attached in those places, the sicker we are. New medicines are trying to deal with the common cold from that angle.

Looking at our current social and political climate, we see the spreading “virus” of ill-will, anger, unrest, prejudice, fear, and even racial hatred. What are the motives behind all this? The causes vary some, but for the most part it simply goes back to people wanting their own way at whatever the cost to others. The “Golden Rule” is completely overlooked.

Surely not in church?

James describes a “virus” that seeks to make the local church sick. He has some harsh words for his readers in verse 1. “What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members?”


James identifies interpersonal and church squabbles as being rooted in sin and coming from within us personally. In other words, we have to blame ourselves not the other person who we may say “made me angry”. We have to look at ourselves first. We should never carry out a battle in the church without deep self-examination to make sure that we are walking right with the Lord.

Self Check-up First!

Having conflict? Make sure you are not acting like an angry bison. Make sure you are not the cause and harboring the virus yourself!

The Circuit ‘Riter, Michael Ullrich

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