red and yellow flowers in boque

It all started as a good deed. I stopped by the flower shop on my way home and picked up a bunch of carnations. Wanting to surprise Bonita, I quickly trimmed the stems and looked for a place to get “rid of the evidence.” It is at that point that I lost my mind and ran them down the new garbage disposal! The stem mistake Did you know that carnation stems are kind of woody in texture? The clog was so bad our plumber worked several hours with a rooter device to get it open. One friend commented, “so you are human after all?” As a reminder of my human frailties, God allows humbling things to happen to me. Ultimate[…]

sea creatures

I am somewhat of a classic science fiction lover. For pleasure reading, I like being transported to impossibly faraway places, where the writer suggests I believe the existence of creatures that I know in my heart don’t exist. In allowing myself this indulgence I get a glimpse into the mindset and hopes of this age. I also like the adventure that takes me where I will never go. Aliens both evil and benevolent punctuate most science fiction these days. In the Si-Fi context, an alien is an intelligent being from another planet. (Humans would be aliens when we land on Mars someday) Science fiction aliens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some look like us while others are[…]

Rock standing colorado mountains

I spent a couple of hours doing something I probably shouldn’t have. In the quest to complete our yard project, I needed to retrieve some large rocks from the gully bottom near our house to extend our terrace wall. I debated the best method and decided to take on the one affording the most exercise. That entailed CARRYING the 100-pound rocks up a steep, sandy hillside! Wish I Could Brag Now I would like to be able to brag that I did this with little effort. On the contrary, I was so exhausted after my little weight lifting exercise my legs wobbled, my arm was scratched, and I felt as though I had run a marathon (although I have never[…]

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James 4:13-17 It is said that there used to be a North American tribal chief who daily would rise with the sun and greet it when he exited his tent. Then he would point at the sun and trace his hand across his view of the sky “showing” the sun the path it was to take for the day. Now that’s arrogance! Are you an arrogant person? Probably not in the way we usually define the term. We usually think of an arrogant person as one with his or her “nose in the air”, indicating that others around are less than equals. But God illustrates the average arrogant person differently. Presumption After writing of the person who makes plans to[…]

The sun peaking through the clouds

Psalm 119:9-16 One of the neat computer features of recent years is automatic program updating. Each day my computer checks the Internet for me to see if certain programs have been improved or modified. I can then choose to have the modification added or ignore it. In theory, I have the most up-to-date information and programming code available. Garbage In – Garbage Out As most people have heard or experienced that computers don’t always work the way they should. Most all problems are related to mistakes someone made in inputting commands. Sometimes even when the mistakes are corrected, other mistakes crop up. God has a perfect automatic update and upgrade program built into His Software, the Bible. We are like[…]

Kittrege Community Bible church

Once there was a family torn by a bitter divorce. All that held common interest for the divorced parents was their little girl. One day she was playing in the street and was hit by a vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital and her parents came to her bedside. What Really Mattered The doctors told the estranged couple nothing more could be done for her. Apart from a miracle, she would not survive. As they stood hovering near, her eyes popped open and she looked from father to mother standing on opposite sides of the bed. With all of her remaining strength, she reached for the hands of both and brought them together across her body. God’s Reconciliation Remedy[…]

Mallard ducks floating on a river

Read Joshua 4:1-7 I was only 7 years old at the time, but the 1965 flood of the Mississippi River is something I will always remember. The volume of water was so great in the river near where we lived that shipping was suspended, the dams were opened, bridges were watched closely, and many downtown businesses in Davenport, IA were flooded out. Although we were not directly affected, many people we knew were. It was quite a display of how God’s creation can easily throw off the boundaries man tries to put on it.  Israel Escapes from Egypt Israel faced flood waters as the transient refugees from Egypt stood ready to invade the land God was giving them. As they[…]